Why you should travel to Europe in August or late September?

Why you should travel to Europe in August or late September?

This sounds like a strange idea to most, right? Everyone knows that people travel to Europe right at the beginning of the Summer in June and July. It’s the hottest time, it’s the busiest time and it’s all happening, right?
Well yes it is hot and really busy in those months. In fact it’s crazily busy!!!! So what does it mean for you; a traveller whom simply is looking for an amazing unique experience to scratch off your bucket list?

Well it usually means?

1. Massive line ups at the sites you want to see and losing hrs just standing around
2. More of that heat we spoke about and standing out in the sun in those huge line ups
3. More pick pockets around and higher increases in theft
4. Over packing on the metros and underground systems in hot conditions, which is never nice
5. Traffic jams causing it to take longer to arrive to your destination and longer drive tours, where you don’t move for hrs
6. More expensive rates at hotels and venues meaning higher costs to your vacations and tours




So what are the advantages to travelling a little later in the summer in Late August & September?

The Locals go away on holidays

In August many Europeans scatter to the corners of Europe and the globe on their annual holidays. (It’s often to get away from the influx of travellers). This means that the highways and streets are not as full with cars, so you arrive faster to your destinations, usually by an hr or two, and less traffic on drive tours. Also you have more time to make stops along the way for photo opportunities as you’re not pushing time limits.
It also has an effect in that the metros and undergrounds are empty, so you can always find a seat and you’re not cramped up against hundreds of strangers on a busy train, bus or tube.
With smaller crowds you will find that pick pockets are much less prevalent, as it makes it harder to disguise their acts when no one is around for distractions or to stop you noticing what is happening

Less tourists in the streets

Less tourists clogging the squares and lines ups, as most people have spent their time in Europe in June and July and had to deal with the problems mentioned earlier.
The lines to all the monuments and museums are much shorter and it means there are less crowds inside the museums, so you can take your time and get better photos, memories and appreciate what you’re taking in.
Also you will find that it is far easier to gain reservations in your favourite restaurants you researched before coming, and are able to get impromptu seating when you decide you’re hungry and feel like a meal while you’re out in town centres.

It’s still summer!!!

Many may not know this, but August and September are still hot months in Europe! The massive advantage is that in Late September it is often a few degrees cooler, which means you can spend more time in the sun and walking around getting in all the sights, without the risk of sun stroke or fatigue that happens when its very hot. Please don’t get me wrong. It’s still quite warm and water, hats, sunscreen are still a must for the smart traveller, but you will notice the difference in your energy levels and how much you achieve in a day. This is very important if you are planning a longer tour or vacation.

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