The Best Festivals Of Europe

The Best Festivals Of Europe

Europe is a continent where civilizations and ethnicities have risen, fallen and strongly intermingled for years. Europe has its own history and is the home to oldest and most pleasing art and traditional festivals in the world. European countries offers you the best of art and music festival that one should definitely visit in their lifetime. Some of these festivals are held in summer, some in winter and some of them take place in spring as well as autumn. Here is the list of some unignorable famous festivals of Europe that every traveller should include in their list and experience them.


The Carnival of Venice

The Carnival of Venice is one of the biggest festival In Europe that takes place between January and February every year. The city comes alive with activity and people from all over the world fill the narrow streets and Piazzale to get a glimpse of the festivals unique beauty. At carnival events like costume contests, theatrical performance, musical performance and balls are held for a week, ending in the biggest of all celebrations and festivities in San Marco’s Square. People disguise themselves in masks and costumes and get rid of all their ego and enjoy the festival.

Copyright : Mike Flippo / 123RF Stock Photo Carnivale


Oktoberfest, Germany

Oktoberfest is one of the most famous festivals in Europe that starts in September and ends on first Sunday of October. Originally began as a celebration of a royal wedding, it soon became a way to win over the Bavarian people and became a tradition to celebrate every year. The festival has become so popular it is now a world event, attracting between 5 to7 million people each year! In this festival visitors can enjoy different traditional beer, Bavarian dishes, along with seeing live orchestras and enjoying fun rides such as roller coasters and Frisbee Carousels etc.

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Las Fallas de Valencia, Spain

Also referred as Falles, this crazy event held in Valencia in mid March, one of the finest festivals of Europe. It is a five day five night festival where the people collect in the streets for the fun of it all. Different groups parade through the streets of Valencia with building height hand-made puppets made of wood or papier Mache, whilst also wearing colorful costumes. Quirky themes and music dot the streets and are fun to watch. The festival ends with amazing displays of fire and flames, as these puppets are burnt in celebration. The festivals name itself literally means ‘the fires’.



Glastonbury, England

Glastonbury is most ancient festival of Europe. Held in June, this festival is full of music and fun held in the Somerset county of London. Various performances that occur here include theatres, circus, dancing, poetry and kid’s shows. The festival is deemed to be a classy mix of hippie and counterculture giving it its assorted and vivid vibes. People come from all over the world to experience a Glastonbury festival and tickets sell out in just minutes of there release online. One popular way of getting a ticket is to ‘Volunteer’ help setting up the tent packages many people purchase. This way you get paid by receiving a ticket to the festival! However it does seem you will have to wait until 2019 to experience this event, as the festival is taking a rest!!



Like these there are more festivals in Europe that takes place every year . So one must attend these festivals and get known with the color and histories of Europe. This world is full of magical festivals and celebrations and one life may not be sufficient to see it all, but take your opportunities and visit some of these greatest celebrations in Europe.

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