5 Tips For Travel On A Budget

5 Tips For Travel On A Budget

Traveling On A Budget? Here Are A Few Tips That Will Make Your Travels through Europe Less Stressful

Europe and especially the east, still remains to be a budget destination when planned correctly. However, as the tourism industry grows, prices are constantly increasing and you might eventually find your trip to Europe costs more than you are willing to spend.

Here are a few budget travel tips for your next trip to Europe to help you make the most of what you can practically afford:

It’s Cheap outside the City Center

In most cases, hotels that are located in the city center are the priciest ones. To keep your costs low make sure that you stay outside the city center and use public transportation to see the primary sights of your destination city. You will also get more for your money when you choose a hotel that isn’t in the middle of Old Town. Your transportation costs won’t even come close to what you will save on your accommodation.

Tag a Friend Along

As the old saying goes…. “two is company,” but when your traveling through Europe two is also very smart travel financial wise. Why do we say this? Well if you think about accommodation costs a twin share room, double/queen are going to cost you the same whether your on your own or with another person and when you do the math it is still usually far cheaper then paying for a single tiny room on your own, so why not split your costs in half by traveling with a buddy?

Another way to keep that budget tight is if you know someone who is in the city, that will come with a number of different benefits. It is possible that they would offer you to stay over. If staying at your friend’s place it is possible he/she might know someone or someplace where you can stay comfortably for a night or two.

Sites like couch surfing offer free accommodation to the individual traveller, if you’re the kind of social person that doesn’t mind getting to know a friendly local and spending some time with them in return for your free bed/couch.


Go For Dining In

Restaurants that are located in the city center might also come as expensive options, usually the best options in this case is to head out of the city centre and into the suburbs where the locals live and eat. This almost always ensures that prices are far lower than in the city centres, but also means you have a better shot of getting a real local traditional dish, not a westernised version in a tourist trap where quality and authenticity can sometimes drop off.

Another option is to look for food items that you can easily store in your hotel room and with many hotel rooms offering a bar fridge it is a valid option for those looking to stretch their budget. There are small grocery stores and supermarkets located near hotels where you stock up from. This is usually a way to get fresh baked goods and local cuisines with out the high restaurant price tags, and with this option you will also be able to get more of fruits and juices that allow you to dine in more often than you eat out.


Check Out Free Attractions

The best part about Eastern Europe is that many of the attractions here at free. Scope out the freebies before you head out and remember, to visitthem. For example, if you are in Moscow, a major attraction here is seeing Lenin’s body. Other examples include destination cities old towns or attending local folk festivals.

Pack Light

Packing light in Europe is always a smart move. This not just because of Europe’s many cobble stones roads and squares, where the last thing you want to be doing is dragging or bouncing a heavy suitcase from a train station or taxi to your hotel each day, but you will find that in terms of traveling light you will find things far cheaper transport wise.

Domestic flights and short haul international flight in many European countries have stricter codes about luggage than other countries. Many airlines, especially budget ones, in Europe offer cheaper tickets for those who wish to carry on only, and will charge an extra amount if you have a bag that needs to be checked in at the airport. Sometimes depending on the amount of weight you bring, will also depend on how much extra they charge you when you buy your ticket. If your luggage is over the posted weight limit you can end up paying huge fines or surcharges. To be safe, pack light- you will also be thankful when you won’t have to carry around such heavy bags and more money to spend on yourself.

If you are travelling on a budget, using these tips can help you make the most of what you can afford.

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