10 Simple Tips To Traveling Europe

10 Simple Tips To Traveling Europe


I’m Mark Fay, and I’ve had the pleasure of being a guide in Europe for many years now. It’s hard to describe the joys this kind of job brings you. Being able to guide others into unbelievable journeys of discovery, as well as having your own personal and experiential journey

I was fortunate enough to meet David Tavino, the owner of Euro Tripping Travel, on the coach like many of you out there have, but in my case it was a meeting for a different reason. I was there to learn.

David trained me to be a Tour Leader in Europe in the Summer of 2013. Being able to learn from his wealth and knowledge of experience, he taught me and guided me into attaining the skills and confidence needed in becoming a successful guide. Still to this day I am living a blessed life guiding in Europe and I owe David a world of thanks for the help he gave me and I can assure anyone booking or involved with David’s tours at Euro Tripping Travel will NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.

As a Guide in Europe I have seen and experienced the highs and lows of travel, so here I am offering some pieces of advice I can pass on to future travelers: – Here are my best simple tips for successful travel

10 Simple Tips To Traveling Europe


1.Have an open mind to Europe:

What may be ‘strange’ or ‘different’ to your life or culture is what makes Europe in fact Europe. Forget your daily routine and experiences and open the door to the unknown. No better way of growing as a person, whilst having the best time of your life in new places

2.Always keep your eyes on your valuables:

Europe is renowned for petty theft (especially in crowded places). If you are aware and prepared then you will be the one who they will skip, leaving you to enjoy the sights and sounds of your chosen cities! Be aware of your surroundings and other people at all times and you will be ok.

3.Less is best:

When it comes to itineraries don’t overload on seeing too many things at once. Pick out a few favourites to take your time with and enjoy, then if time, visit the remaining sights or cities. Get the most value from your time, not the most rushed and therefore unappreciated visits in a short time.

4.Listen to your local guides:

They are ‘local’ for a reason. They are experienced and they are there to help you with tips to maximise and enhance your experience. When you have the chance to encounter a local guide it is always good to have some questions prepared, so that they can help give you answers to plan a more personalised experience from your group.

5.Learn a couple of key phrases:

Every country is different. Some have different words or slang, where others have different languages completely. Ask the locals about their key words/phrases that will help you – You would be surprised the difference this makes to the service you receive.

6.Tip your guides and servers:

Tipping is a part of European culture. Usually 10 to 20% on top of your bill is encouraged. Just a note here is to always check that there is no service fee first. Some places already add this to your bill. This is your tip, so if it’s already added you can save your tip for the next place.

7.Don’t be afraid to ask for help:

If you are worried about where you’re going, not knowing where you catch the train or what a food dish is on a menu, ask people. You would be surprised how welcoming and helpful people can be if you just ask

8.Carry lose change:

It may be a surprise, but many European toilets need to be paid for (euros is your best currency), so having some lose change can really help you out and speed things up when the need arises.

9.Check the weather forecast:

It may sound like an obvious one, but many people forget to do this. Europe’s weather is forever changing, so dress accordingly to what the Gods will bring down on you for the day. If it’s hot or cold an umbrella is always a good item to bring. It can block the suns burning rays on a hot day or keep you dry in a sudden downpour.

10.Be respectful and have fun:

All cultures are different, so respect this philosophy. Maximise your fun by first respecting the cultures you are surrounded in, try to understand why they are like they are and get excited to be experiencing something new.



Enjoy your travels. It is the best thing you will ever do!


Mark Fay
European Guide 2013 -2018

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