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Why Choose Us – Travel Experience Specialists

Travel Experience Specialists

Travel experience Specialists

Why Choose Us....

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You dream it - We care about your travel dreams!

Coming from European guiding backgrounds we understand just how important it is for you to have the right planning and information when you travel, and the difference it makes to your experiences. It’s en-grained in us to care about what happens to you! You tell us what is important to you and what you want to experience in your travels and we will help make it happen to the best of our abilities.
Our service is unlike any others, as it does not stop at the booking phase. We will help you plan activities, offer advice, tips and hints on cities if needed, and offer help or information to you while you are also on holidays – We are with you from start till your return home – The whole experience matters – No one offers this kind of help and guidance.

Ways to reach us on your holidays:

Live Chat- When you see our live chat feature active on our website, you can go ahead and ask us directly for advice or help if needed while you are away. Just like a personal tour guide in your pocket!
Email – If you have any questions or need advice email us and we will reply to you with answers as soon as possible!
Emergency Phone – We know that sometimes things can go awry and being overseas in a new place it can be scary. We are always there for you 24/7 in an emergency and will do our best to help you…. Who out there offers that?… We know that we do!

We plan it - Let us do all the planning for you!

We know that each person has a different idea of what makes their travel perfect and speaks to them as an individual/couple or group. Sometimes it’s quite over whelming to know where to start or how to put it all together to give you the best options and a holiday that will run smooth and stress free.

So that’s why we are here! Tell us your thoughts, plans and desires and we will do all the work for you. We will use our European guiding background and intimate knowledge of these destinations to find you the best hotels, locations, flights, activities to do whilst away that work for YOU, and offer suggestions to inform you if needed to help you put your dream into place.

Let us plan it with you, book it, organise it, take the stress out, make payments on your behalf and package it, so that you can do what’s most important – Living your dream holidays!

You live it - Live your adventure your way!

Travelling should be made for who you are as a person. That’s why everything we offer from our Travel Planner Service, Short Escapes, Starter Pack Holidays and tours, are designed to give you the right options that suit who you are and what you really want, by giving you the freedom to seek out the experiences that speak to you as a person and that you know will make the most impact on you, staying with you for a lifetime after your holiday or travel is over.

We don’t want to dictate to you with ‘Special Offers’ when you “should” go and where you “must” stay and we don’t want to dictate you what you should see by taking up all your free time with planned generic activities like so many others out there.

We desire that you make it your way, stamp your name on it  and  make the most of your adventure– and we will help you do just that  by taking care of all the hard parts to get you there.


Contact Us

Should you have any questions or wish to contact us for more information on anything we offer, please feel free to write to us. We promise to respond as quickly as we can and always within 24hrs from you contacting us.