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The Best Private European Trips

Euro Tripping features an extensive selection of group trips in Europe for singles, couples and small groups. We offer the best private European trips throughout the year. Our tour team has the expertise and experience to organize customized private group trips to some of the most stunning and exclusive locations in Europe. Our private European trips are designed for groups of up to 15 people. We will work with you to develop a plan and work with your ideas to make holiday trip that works.

Groups of 6-15

If you have a group of friends or a family group of 6-15 people we would be happy to help you build a trip itinerary for your own travel experience.

Whether you want to go:

  • Via Trains
  • Private coach
  • Budget hotels or luxury hotels

We will work with you to build your perfect trip for you and your group!

Please fill in the questionaire below to help give us a better idea of what kind of trip you are interested in and we will be in contact with you to help create the tour you envision.

Please keep in mind that any trips where private coach is requested must follow a loop. I.e Start and finish in the same city.

Look forwards to hearing from you.

Welcome To Your Private Trip Questionaire

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