Being a city that has seen everything from fascism, socialism and democracy in the last century alone, Berlin is an attractive tourist spot for travelers with a historical persuasion. Not only does Berlin boast some of the most interesting museums in Eastern Europe, it has also one of the most dynamic local art scenes.

Another thing Berlin is known for is the amazing night scene. The dance floors here have reached a near-mythical status, significantly influencing the region’s reputation as the capital of cool. It has incubated sounds and trends for some of the most popular DJs like Ricardo Villalobos and Paul Van Dyk.

What’s even better is that Berlin is in our itinerary on the 9-day Eastern Empires Tour. This means more opportunities for you to check out one of these places for a memorable night:


imageIf you are an electronic music lover, Watergate is the place to be. Thanks to the flawless booking policies this place welcomes international DJs every weekend. It also gets majority of the votes for being the most beautiful club in Berlin. With magical LED ceiling installations, a water floor below you can also be sure to have a cinematic view of the Universal Music HQ and the Oberbaumbruecke Bridge with its turrets and towers.

Ritter Butzke

While it did cut the illegal grounds ages ago, Ritter Butzke is still not considered mainstream. It is located in an old factory with requisite industrial décor. The club gives off mesmerizing vibes with techno and minimal genres every weekend. There are three floors and plenty of space outside to catch some air. Lines can get crazy, but door policy makes it easy for you to get in.


If the walls of this hardcore party venue could talk, they would shriek! Set amid the industrial rawness of an abandoned power station this multi-floor labyrinth is the place to be. Only the best DJs get to helm the decks here, making it the Holy Grail of electronic music. With beats going through the next Monday morning, this is a place only for those who have true stamina.

As you can see, the biggest dance-a-thons are staged in abandoned spots, it really proves how good Berliners are at recycling venues. If you are looking for an amazing night out, make sure you visit at least one of these clubs!

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