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Hotel Price Beat Challenge

European price beat

Think you've scored the best hotel price?

Why not test us out and see if we cant price beat your hotel offers. It only takes 2 simple steps:

1. Simply enter your hotels on the next page

2. Give us just 24hrs to beat them!!

What have you got to lose?

If we can beat them we will send you your personal quote within 24hrs, If we can’t we will still happily send you a confirmation congratulating you on your success in getting the best deal around.

European price beat
hotels Berlin

Advantages Include:

Personalised quoted price made just for you – within 24hrs
Sent to you in your local currency – Not losing on multiple conversion fees!
ONE payment only for all hotels -Not multiple ones at different times!
ONE place to organise all your hotel bookings confirmations – not printing many from different sources
Created by people who know European cities and where you need to be
We do all the hard work for you – NO obligation!
You WIN by getting the best price


If you choose to accept our offer:

Booking and payment conditions may be unique for your package and are made available when you receive your NO obligation quote

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