At Euro Tripping, we want you to say goodbye to all those ‘cookie cutter’, mass produced tour packages that give you the rushed-through travel experience. It is time to experience what a group tour actually means with our services!

We eliminate all the stress of booking hotel rooms and making reservations whilst giving you a good dose of the local experience to build a personal and unique tour. We are glad that we have been able to prove this to hundreds of people in a short period of time with our tour packages.

If you are planning a Euro tour, here’s why Euro Tripping should be on top of your list:

Smaller Groups Mean More Attention

Unlike other group travel companies that are practically packing people onto people, we keep our groups small. With a maximum of 15 people in the group, you get the opportunity to familiarize yourself with your new travel partners in a few hours. On the other hand, it also allows our representatives and guides to give you individual attention- this way we make sure that everyone is having a great time!

Less Fillers and Fluff

imageWe are not your average tour company that brings you to a spot and wants to rush you through it, so we can entertain other customers and make more money, no! While it is true that you get a small amount of time to spend in each city, we make that time count.

We are more than glad to recommend you local spots that are according to your personal preferences so that you can make the most of your visit. In addition to that, we make sure that you can count on us for any piece of information and advice along the way.

The Best Rates

imageEuro Tripping is fueled with the genuine love for tourism and travel, which is exactly what we pass on to our clients! This means you get the best rates on local trains and buses with no hidden charges or surcharges. You pay whatever is advertised on our website and nothing more!

What are you waiting for? Let Euro Tripping make your next Eastern Europe tour amazing! Give us a call for more information about 9-day Eastern Empires tour packages.

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