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5 Tips For Travel On A Budget

Traveling On A Budget? Here Are A Few Tips That Will Make Your Travels through Europe Less Stressful Europe and especially the east, still remains to be a budget destination when planned correctly. However, as the tourism industry grows, prices are constantly increasing and you might eventually find your trip to Europe costs more than [...]

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Avoid These 5 European Travel Mistakes

So what are the European Travel Mistakes? Are you heading to Europe for a trip this summer and are already knee deep in the planning process? This is a great time to review your itinerary to ensure that you are not about to make any costly  European travel mistakes that could ruin your vacation. From [...]


Welcome To Euro Tripping

We would like to thank everyone who has checked out our site in the past few weeks, and to those who have placed your deposit for your European Adventure in 2016. Things you may not be aware of are the following updates: Tours: 9 day European Empires has 2 tour dates 22/8/2016 26/9/2016 This tour […]