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Beware Of Bus Tours!!

So, what is the deal with this headline? Many of us have gone on a bus tour before and enjoyed it, right? So why would I make a comment about being beware of bus tours, when I myself cut my teeth as a tour guide in Europe on bus tours? Well, let me clear the [...]

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5 Tips For Travel On A Budget

Traveling On A Budget? Here Are A Few Tips That Will Make Your Travels through Eastern Europe Less Stressful Eastern Europe still remains to be a budget destination. However, as the tourism industry here grows, prices are constantly increasing and you might eventually find your trip to Eastern Europe costs more than you are willing [...]

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Avoid These 5 European Travel Mistakes

Planning a Trip to Europe? Avoid These 5 Costly Mistakes Are you heading to Europe for a trip this summer and are already knee deep in the planning process? This is a great time to review your itinerary to ensure that you are not about to make any costly mistakes that could ruin your vacation. [...]

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Why you should travel to Europe in August & September?

This sounds like a strange idea to most, right? Everyone knows that people travel to Europe right at the beginning of the Summer in June and July. It’s the hottest time, it’s the busiest time and it’s all happening, right? Well yes it is hot and really busy in those months. In fact it’s crazily [...]

Tope 4 cities in Eastern Europe

Top 4 must see cities in Eastern Europe

Let our infographic do all the talking for us! Here is the top 4 cities found in Eastern Europe. Learn just a little bit more about these cities and about things you MUST see in each one when you visit!

6 Reasons you NEED to travel with Euro Tripping

Why choose us over the other European tour competition? By this point you’re probably thinking about Europe in 2016 and the idea of the Mediterranean sun and sights has got your mind turning over with the possibilities!! You have a limited amount of time off and you’re trying to get the most out of your […]