Why choose us over the other European tour competition?

By this point you’re probably thinking about Europe in 2016 and the idea of the Mediterranean sun and sights has got your mind turning over with the possibilities!! You have a limited amount of time off and you’re trying to get the most out of your dollar, whilst seeing as much of the quality sights and experiences you can, right?

SO, you’re asking the question…

“Who should I choose to travel with on my European tour this year?”

There are a whole host of options out there, and sometimes you probably wish there was less, as it’s hard to make that decision sometimes with the information over load, along all the fancy marketing designed to excite the senses, but not always representing the true value and experience of a holiday.

Do you decide to follow the crowd and go with someone because lots of other have, or do you decide to do your own research, and do you have the time? Firstly….

Say goodbye to the ‘Cookie Cutter’ tours companies!

cookie cutter tous

Travelling in Europe on a tour can be the most amazing experience of your life! But it can also be a rushed, cookie cutter mass produced tour that tries to offers too much in a short period of time on a set schedule that leaves you rushed and wishing you got the full experience. Basically the same generic experience for everyone due to mass groups sizes up to 50 people and lack of time with the rushed strictly set schedules and stops.

This completely robs you of your time, your money and doesn’t give you a true experience of what you could have had if you picked the right option. We don’t think that’s fair or right!

SO who is Euro Tripping Travel?

euro tripping travelWelcome to the new way to travel…..

Euro Tripping’s owner and European experienced guide, David Tavino, decided enough was enough! After working for the biggest and ‘best’ companies in Europe, a few things became abundantly evident in the tours these companies offered and the experiences gained by his travellers.
With his aim of always giving the most he could to his passengers, he became frustrated with rushed itineraries, massive groups being herded around like a product line, and the generic experiences and meals offered, along with people always saying one thing ‘ It’s too fast, we need more time and we are exhausted from trying to fit everything in with the limited time’

Using his almost decade of experience in European Travel and tour management, he decided to brave the commercial onslaught of ‘cookie cutter’ tour companies and created a tour company that is designed to aim at the passengers needs and wants. All the while working with Europe’s best travel agents, booking companies, transport operators and local guides. The thoughts in Euro Tripping’s thinking were:

1. What are our passenger’s needs?
2. More importantly what do people really want when they tour Europe?
3. How do we deliver this and go above and beyond, but take away the exorbinent price tags?

Below are the reasons why you will want to travel with Euro tripping this year on a European tour…


6 Reasons you will want to travel with Euro Tripping

1. Smaller group sizes – more personal attention
Smaller groups are the BEST way to go when you’re doing a European tour, whether that be a budget European tour, a luxury European tour or rail tour through Europe. You are probably wondering why, as large groups offer more chance to meet people and make friends right?

Although this can be the case, it can also often lead to groups segregating into their own communities, which can cause awkwardness with pressure to follow the group and everything they do to feel part of it. It leads to overcrowding on a very tight and uncomfortable coach rides often lasting up to 8hrs on travel days also.  Most importantly can lead you to getting lost in the huge numbers and not being able to hear or get the information you desire, as it’s branded and written for the masses. Not to mention not getting the quality time with your tour leader to build the tour with your own personal flair, as they are working towards the large numbers often up to 50 at a time!!

Small groups tend to bond faster and you will find that your fellow travellers are keen travellers like yourself, after real European experiences and giving you more chance to get to know them over the course of the tour. It is a much more close knit community and rather sense of family, yet with independence at the same time.

Small groups

Smaller groups also mean less waiting time for room allocations and waiting in lobbies after travelling to new destinations, less time waiting for large numbers to assemble before group activities leaving you standing around for ages waiting and being able to have walking tours more personalised to match the smaller groups and questions asked.

Lastly, and most importantly, it means you have more time to get to know your Tour Leader. This gives you the chance to really hear all the information, pick their brain and find out all you want to know and ask for tips and hints that will help personalise your tour and make your experience yours and not the same as everyone else. Knowing your tour leader and having them take a real interest in you really does make a huge difference and you will see it in the way the tour operates and the way things are done to fit in with the smaller group’s personality as you all get to know each other. Now that is special and it’s what Euro Tripping tours are all about!


2. Luxury hotels and accommodations
We believe that on all our Euro Tripping tours staying in a centrally located hotel, with all the luxuries of home and more, especially after a long day, is crucial to you enjoying your tour for the duration. Just one bad accommodation can leave you with a bad taste in your mouth and reflect in your thoughts about a city and destroy your experience

Many tour operators will use 3 star hotels as their highest rating, but mainly 2 star when they can get away with it. Their reasons on tour and from a trained tour leader will be ‘Hey it’s not a huge deal! You’re only in your room to sleep, so most of your time is out and about anyways.’
Well excuse us!!! but we think where your sleep after a day of exploring is one of the most important elements to your tour. Your room is the last thing you see at night before sleeping and the first thing you see in the morning when you open your eyes.

Its proven that how you sleep at night and how you start your day, makes a major impact towards your attitude and excitement during the day!

It is for this reason our focus is to use mainly 4 star luxury hotels as our standard and we will settle for nothing less than 3 star hotels when required. With such high ratings we know they are central, modern, close to transport and sights whilst having all the comforts you look for when you’re away from your own personal space.

luxury euro hotels

Luxury beds and facilities

luxury shower

A bathroom worth of a shower after a long day

In fact our 9 Day Eastern Empires Tour is created with only 4 Star European hotel quality in mind, because we think that’s how it should be and we won’t compromise.
Meanwhile our 17 Day Mt Everest trekking uses 5 star accommodation in Kathmandu before and after your trek, because after a long international flight and long trek you deserve to be spoilt with an amazing rest.


3. Rail travel is the only way to go!
Many companies chose coach travel as the preferred method to get people around Europe, and yes it has its advantages when dealing with huge tour groups

However, it is often cramped with 50 others on small seats, too hot or too cold with the air conditioning, people get sick from the close proximity to the other 50 people in recirculated small spaces, and regulated by driving hours meaning lots of service stations stops for rests and snacking. This also means you’re limited to only being able to go to toilet every 2-3 hrs, as its often frowned upon on the coach and limited to expensive and often unhealthy food options.

Believe it or not it can also be quite dangerous, as you need to share the road with other European traffic such as cars, buses and semi-trailer vehicles. Unfortunately not everyone is trained as well to drive as your coach driver is!

Rail travel which is much quicker, more picturesque, much more comfortable and convenient.
With rail travel you have bigger and wider seats, with the ability to get up and walk around in complete safety on the trains

comfort while you travel

It also means access to lunch and dinning carts, meaning you can ditch the side of the road unhealthy options. Importantly it means you can always access a toilet when you really need to go. Not holding on for hrs or lining up behind 40 other people when you arrive at a service like you would on a bus/coach. Mentioning again that it is much more picturesque out the windows, whilst being much safer then road travel in general.
Lastly and more importantly it mean fast arrivals and shorter travel times in between destinations. After all you want as much free time as possible and less time cooped up travelling on endless motor way.

See the photos for yourself, I think you will agree on the above points made!!

oebb rail travel

Hungry? Food and restaurants on board


4. Less travel time between destinations
We mentioned it above and we will again! Less travel time and more actual free time in each city is a keystone to what we believe makes a phenomenal European tour experience.

Most tour operator’s work on a thinking that more is better and try to jam pack your travel days so you see this as ‘VALUE.’ Unfortunately with their clever marketing it tends to work, as they know most people will never check travel times between cities, or understand driving rules and the need for legal long stops whilst driving. Its only once people experience the packed itineraries that they begin to become exhausted and ill, miss out on amazing experiences due to lack of time, and end up being rushed from place to place with very strict time limits in place, or face the fear of being left behind. Yes believe it, it does happen on some on this large group European tours!

In Europe more perceived ‘value’ in a short time really does mean, less quality and experience, so don’t be fooled.
Our Itineraries are written up with you in mind and ultimately your enjoyment. Free time, even on arrival day, and even having a whole free day in the cities you really want to see is the aim behind our well thought our plans.

It means less ‘filler’ stops and ‘fluff’, which are just a tease, and more time to discover all you want to discover in the real destinations that you have paid for, without the mad rush trying to do it in a few hours. We really want to give you the time to take in the beauty and be able to smell life’s roses.


5. More recommendations and building YOUR unique personal holiday experience
It’s great to arrive somewhere in time, but you need to have the right amount of information and recommendations that are suited to the tour experience that you want and need as the individual.
With The large group tours and cookie cutter tours you will always miss out on information and as mentioned not get the personal time to ask about what you want.

Our goals are simple. Give you more information and options on things to see and do, along with lots of local places to eat for real meals, that are not just cheap hotel meals trying to satisfy the masses by playing it safe. Our tour leaders and local walking tour guides have the experience and special tips you need to move away from the mass produced travel guides and mass produced information.

Our small groups

You get a chance to build your idea of the perfect experience, not what we think you should do! We simply want to get you their faster, give you all the information you need, with all the recommendations and options, and give you all the tools you need to make your own personal European luxury tour experience. We want it to be your holiday, as after all when you return home, they are your memories to keep. They deserve to be special and your own.


6. A price that won’t be compared to!
We offer our tours, which we know are luxury travel and accommodation, and do it at a price that everyone can afford to pay, no matter what age or social standing in life.

We don’t believe in hiking our prices to high amounts making them seem like they are more valuable through their price alone. We rather offer them to you at a price you know is worth the investment, and blow you away with what we offer in our services offered, from the time of booking to the running of the tour itself.

We know that you can scour the internet for hrs, days or weeks and you won’t find anything close to what we are offering on our European tours, or for that matter our Nepal trekking tours.
We offer TRUE value! Not just in price, but in service offered, standard & quality of information given, accommodation and locations, transport options, local guides and tours, and the way you are treated on your tour experience.

We never forget that the tour is about the passenger’s experience and not about pushing through the itinerary and just ticking all the boxes.
Give us a try in 2016 and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Our Tours for 2016

If you have not already we recommend that you have a look at our top tours offered in 2016 and get in contact with us if you have any questions at all.

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