Planning a Trip to Europe? Avoid These 5 Costly Mistakes

Are you heading to Europe for a trip this summer and are already knee deep in the planning process? This is a great time to review your itinerary to ensure that you are not about to make any costly mistakes that could ruin your vacation.
From flight or train arrangements to hotel accommodation, there are several things to keep in mind before you head to Eastern Europe. Coming in from our pros at Euro Tripping, here are a few mistakes you should especially avoid when travelling to this part of the world:

vienna#1- Don’t Put In Too Many Destinations in Your Itinerary

For most people, vacations are scarce and trips abroad are infrequent. Therefore, there comes along a natural tendency to pack in as many cities as possible into our trips as we don’t really know when we will be back.
However, this can turn into a costly nightmare as over-packing trips with too many cities means more time spent on the road and more tickets and more gas. Instead, analyze the amount of time you have on your hands and practically list down the number of cities you can visit in that time and spend some days there.

#2-Don’t Race Back To Fly Home

When searching for tickets to fly home don’t forget about ‘open jaw’ and ‘multi-city’ tickets. These are the flights into one destination and home from another. While these flights cost the same as simple round-trip flights but depending on your plans, they can help you save the trouble of returning to your home city.

#3-Don’t Focus On Renting a Car from Day One

berlin4Majority of travelers coming to Eastern Europe instinctively start their rental on the day they arrive. However, if you plan to spend at least one day in the city you arrive, don’t rent a car. This won’t just help you save on parking and rental it will help preserve your jet-lagged sanity.
Whether you are travelling to Berlin, Vienna or Prague- any city with rich and well-preserved historic centers, driving your way around won’t work. Either your wallet will be empty paying the parking fees or with the dense traffic conditions the car will end up in a garage.

#4-Look Past Page One for That Perfect Hotel

Remember when you choose websites to help you book hotels, the names are typically ranked according to what the website wants you to see. In most cases, the hotels listed on page are the ones that pay the website the most. Don’t hesitate to keep looking and remember to filter your search results according to guest ratings and/or prices.

#5-Don’t Skimp Out On Location for Hotel Savings

If you are struggling to find hotels that fit your budget, we preferring going for ones that have a central location. Budget travelers are likely to go for hotels in the outskirts of cities which are €5 cheaper than those in the central neighborhoods. If you need to pay a bit more to stay in the city, close to local attractions, do so.
These are the first 5 mistakes we advise you to avoid the next time you visit Eastern Europe. Are you looking for affordable tours? Contact us to find Euro Tours that precisely match your budget and needs.

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